French Payroll

Payroll for foreign companies without subsidiary in France

The complexity of French administration is worldwide known. Before setting up a local subsidiary some companies needs to hire employees in France to test the potential of the market with low financial and legal risks. Fred Payroll make it simple for you.


The Fred Payroll French payroll solution

Fred Payroll offers you customized support for management of your French staff, based on its long experience and its perfect mastery of French social and legislative practices.


Fred Payroll French payroll Services

  • Administrative and legal formalities
    Registration and declaration to the French agencies (URSSAF, INSEE, Pôle Emploi, tax administration, health insurance fund, supplementary pension,…)
  • Management of employees
    Payroll management and payroll taxes, management of relationships with social agencies, staff administration, assistance in Human Resources management …).
  • Management of funds
    Regular payment of taxes, salaries and benefits.


Whatever the size of your project, our experts simplify your development in France.
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