Our team

Payroll outsourcing specialist, FredPayroll and Rue de
la Paye
serve over 5000 companies from its 3 production sites: Vichy (head office), Paris and Bucharest.

The company is organized as follows:

  • Production team: over 60 experienced pay managers for the production of French Payroll.
  • HR office : Human Resources experts and partners (lawyers, tax specialists,..) to meet all the HR issues
  • Declarative Service: to control the quality of social declarations
  • Setup Service: for creating online payroll records with personalized settings for each client
  • Customer service: which includes communication, marketing and sales
  • IT : A team of IT developers implement functional and legal updates and built our futur web functionality
  • Training departement : ensuring effective training of our new payroll managers

Our payroll outsourcing team

    Izabela Sula-Gonzalez

    Izabela Sula-Gonzalez is Rue de la Paye’s CEO since 2015.
    Together with the entire team, she developed a collaborative solution in payroll outsourcing, successfully used by more than 5000 accounting firms and companies in France and elsewhere.

  • Axenia Ochinciuc

    With an accounting background and payroll management experience of several years, Axenia has a demonstrated history of working with different collective agreements. Detail-oriented, with a solid grasp of mathematics, she always strives for the best results.


  • Flavia Preoteasa

    As a customer service manager for Rue de la Paye since 2015, Flavia accompanies you throughout your entire payroll outsourcing process and responds to all of your questions regarding our payroll platform.